Timeline Part 1, Unwanted

   I have chosen not to write any parts of the true Dragonball story—as told in Bardock: the Father of Gokuinto Power Struggle because I feel that since these events are presented in a movie there is no need for me to include them in my fanfiction.  I have tried to make the events that occur in Power Struggle compatible with the true timeline of Dragonball Z.  Since specific days and timeframes are not mentioned I have taken the liberty of making my own timeframe for the story.  Any events that occur in the original Dragonball Z timeline—e.g. Bardock being injured on Kanassasei and being put in a regen tank—I will put in brackets.  Hopefully this timeline will clear up any confusion you have about the events as they occur in Power Struggle.  If you notice any mistakes please email me; I want this fanfiction to be as accurate to the original timeline as possible.



Important Note:  I refer to days, weeks, and months, as they would occur on Vegetasei.  Since, to my knowledge, the length of these units is never given in the original Dragonball Z story, I have rendered my own calendar for Vegetasei.  I never set a particular amount of time for days, so for the sake of argument just think of a typical Vegetasei day as being longer than a Chikyuusei—Earth—day.  As on Chikyuusei there are seven days in a Vegetasei week.  Four weeks compose a month, and 16 months a year. 


Day 1

Twin Saiyans—sons of Bardock—are born.

  Their power levels are assessed; only the strongest is allowed to survive.  He is given the name Kakarot.

 Pazru secretly decides to try and smuggle the other, nameless child off of Vegetasei.

  Toma brings a seriously injured Bardock into the med-center; he clips and injures Pazru.


Day 4

    Pazru, who has been confined to his quarters by Scleren to recover from his injury, sneaks out of his room and goes to visit Plenthor and Malacca in the regeneration tank room.  He learns a little about Bardock (the occupant one of the tanks) from Plenthor.

    The nameless Saiyan infant, who has been sequestered in an unused region of the complex, reflects on his caretaker’s, Eki, abuse.  Starving and dehydrated, he falls into a coma-like state.

    Pazru, after a frantic search, manages to find the infant and revives him.

    Pazru runs into Kyokou while wandering around the complex.  The two have dinner and Pazru convinces Kyokou to find a pod for him.


Late Day 4~~Early Day 5

    Pazru sneaks out (again) from his room after Kyokou leaves.

    He feeds and bathes the infant.


Day 21

    King Vegeta summons all computer technicians to the palace to program the coordinates of Frieza’s ship into the pods he and the first-class warriors he selected will take.

    Scleren finds out about Pazru disobeying his orders and sneaking out of his quarters; he punishes his young student with extra tasks.

    While doing the monthly inventory reports, Scleren discovers that someone has been stealing from the nursery supply room.

    Scleren heads to the nursery, where—after checking to make sure his papers are correct—he requests that the nursery attendant go and fetch one of the computer technicians to check the entry records of the supply room.

    In the meantime, Scleren goes to the regen-tank room, speaks, and ends up arguing with Plenthor.

    Plenthor, in hopes of salvaging their friendship, tells Scleren that he will send Malacca to obtain the entry records of the supply room.


Day 22

-- Pazru runs into Moira on his way to the mess hall to find Kyokou.  He learns that Kyokou has been called to the palace to help direct pods for the king’s trip to visit Frieza and won’t be back for another few days.

-- [Bardock awakes and heads to the pod departure areas; he passes the nursery on his way and stops to see his young son]

-- Pazru catches sight of Bardock looking in the nursery; he tries to tell him about his other son, but without luck.

-- [Bardock heads to Meatsei.]


Day 24

n      [Bardock arrives on Meatsei to find that his team has been killed by several of Freiza’s men.  Bardock defeats the warriors, and heads back to Vegetasei in order to warn the Saiyans of Frieza’s betrayal.]

n      [Frieza murders King Vegeta and redirects his ship to Vegetasei to take care of the rest of the Saiyans.]


Day 25

n   Pazru receives a terrifying vision from his young Saiyan charge.

n   Kyokou drops by, tells Pazru that his pod is set to depart in two days and warns him of upcoming trouble on Vegetasei.

n   Using the data prepared by Malacca, Scleren discovers who has been raiding the nursery supply rooms.

n    [A young Prince Vegeta is involved in a planet-clearing mission far from his home planet.]


Day 27